New Netflix series Kaleidoscope can be watched 5,040 different ways

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3 Jan 2023, 16:21

Credit: Netflix

If you're wanting something different to watch, Kaleidoscope could be right up your street (as long as you're not indecisive).

Remember those choose-your-own adventure books? This is a new series version of this.

Netflix's Kaleidoscope has an incredible 5,040 different ways to watch it - so get choosing!

The one and only rule when watching is to save the episode titled 'White' for last.

Watch the trailer below:

The official synopsis of the series reads: "Spanning 25 years, the show follows a crew of masterful thieves who work to unlock a seemingly unbreakable vault for the biggest payday in history.

"Before they can get their hands on the cash, they must make it through the world's most powerful corporate security team and the FBI."

The key thing to know is kaleidoscope has a non-linear plot.

It's up to you to decide which order to watch the eight episodes in.

If you feel a bit clueless about where to start, one helpful viewer has shared their recommendation of how to begin.

Each instalment is named after a colour, with the options including Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Violet and White.

Creator of the show, Eric Garcia, recommends watching White last.

He says it is intended to be the finale and is centred on the actual heist.

If you choose to ignore Garcia (you rebel) and don't save White until last, you still have 40,320 different ways to watch.

Twitter user @parkerworm has shared an opinion on when to watch.

They explained: "If you plan on watching the order less #KALEIDOSCOPE on Netflix I hope this helps you! But also it was fun to see how the Netflix gods wanted me to see it."

Parkerworm says Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange, Violet, Blue and White is the best for lovers of mystery.

Yellow, Green, Orange, Violet, Blue, White, Red and Pink is for those who love introductions and conclusions.

They also gave an option of how they watched it.

Vulture writer Keith Phipps recommended: Yellow, Violet, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Pink and White.

Phipps explained: "The episode introduces all the major characters while leaving some details of their past and why they’re on the team in the first place in the shadows."

You can of course ignore everyone's advice and watch what you want.

Kaleidoscope is on Netflix now.