Eddy's Good News: The street vet and AI robot news from the USA

Virgin Radio

24 Jan 2023, 10:08

Pic: Dr. Kwane inspects a homeless woman’s dog – Credit The Street Vet<br>

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Tuesday 24th January 2023

Pawsome news from the USA and a veterinary team who give their time and expertise for free to the pets of homeless people.

Say hello to Dr. Kwane Stewart, AKA “The Street Vet”, famous in the famous Skid Row, a focal point for homeless people in Los Angeles. 

Ever since he graduated, Kwane spent hours every week working in animal shelters, until he had the idea to start a non profit organisation that takes him and volunteers to the streets to provide much needed vet services to people who can’t afford them. Project Street Vet took care of 600 animals last year and hope to improve on that in 2023. Operating on donations, they give free check-ups, vaccines, flea treatment, supplies, and information to people experiencing homelessness on how they can look after their animals with zero income. 

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Senti-V robot – Credit: Meropy

Amazing tech news from the USA and an AI robot that can inspect 50 acres of farm every day!

Say hello to the Senti-V scouting robot, which looks like a bonkers techno spider, which moves around a bit like tumbleweed, on two sets of spokes, because wheels would trample crops and this can effectively tiptoe amongst them.

Onboard cameras scan your crops and an AI computer can tell if any pests or diseases are moving in, report them and in lots of cases, its fifty spray nozzles can deliver whatever chemicals, natural or otherwise, you normally use to get rid of the pest.

The little robot will save the hours it takes to inspect crops manually and has the advantage over drones that it can see the often revealing underside of plants. 

Via: youtube.com