Peter Crouch has hilarious reaction to finding Holly Willoughby in his bed

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24 Jan 2023, 12:33

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Footballing legend Peter Crouch had the shock of his life when he found himself in bed next to Holly Willoughby.

Blame Michael McIntyre, as Peter was appearing on the comedian's show with his wife Abbey Clancy when the joke happened.

Crouch was invited to play a real-life game of spot the difference.

He was in a double bed, and the lights were turned off and on again with Peter being challenged to notice changes.

‘So, basically, the lights are gonna be turned off. When the lights are turned back on, you are going to need to spot as many differences as you can,’ Michael explained.

It took Peter a surprisingly long time to realise the blonde woman sitting next to him was not his wife, but had been switch with This Morning's Holly.

Peter noticed that Michael was wearing a green bucket hat, which he hadn't been before.

He then noticed referee Mike Dean holding a cucumber, instead of a whistle.

He then noticed an inflatable banana in the corner of the room, and it took 45 seconds before he shrieked in horror noticing his wife had been replaced with Holly.

Mortified, he quickly hid under the duvet as Holly and Michael laughed.

"I wasn’t expecting that one!", he joked.

"This is weird for me too," joked Holly.

Peter wrote a message to Michael on Twitter, joking: "You’re a bad person."

One viewer joked: "Absolutely hilarious! I don’t think @McInTweet is on your Christmas card list this year Peter."

"I’m watching this on repeat and crying with laughter here," added another fan.

"The funniest thing I’ve seen on telly for ages," added another.