New study finds walking 8,000 steps a few times a week could improve health

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4 Apr 2023, 15:37

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If you've been feeling guilty about being unable to complete 10,000 steps every single day, a new study could put your mind at rest.

Being a "weekend warrior" who gets their steps in at the weekend could be just as useful.

The new study was published in JAMA, and it found that 8,000 steps once or twice a week may be enough to improve health.

If you save up a longer walk for your free time, it could still be beneficial.

Walking 8,000 steps or more (which is around four miles) once or twice a week helped cardiovascular health.

It also lowered mortality rates.

The survey found that if you walked at least 8,000 steps once or twice a week, then you will have a 15% lower risk of dying in the next 10 years.

If you hit 8,000 or more steps three to seven days a week then you have a 16.5% lower risk.

These are when compared to those who don't walk much at all.

Researchers said: "The study’s findings suggest that, for adults who face difficulties in exercising regularly, achieving the recommended daily steps only a couple days a week may have meaningful health benefits."

Dr. Kosuke Inoue of Kyoto University in Japan led the study.

He added: "Given that a lack of time is one of the major barriers to exercise in modern society, our findings provide useful information to recommend walking even for a couple of days per week to reduce mortality risk."

Get walking!