UK tourist attraction named the most overcrowded site in Europe

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19 Jul 2023, 09:46

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If you're planning a summer holiday, there's one place you might want to avoid at the busiest times.

New research has calculated the busiest tourist hotspots over summer.

This could be invaluable, because who wants to spend their whole holiday queuing?

The Thinking Traveller has shared a list of the most overcrowded tourist attractions in Europe.

They calculated their data from TripAdvisor reviews.

They scoured through results to find locations with the highest mention of "crowded" and "busy" words.

Edinburgh Castle comes out on top, claiming the number one spot to be the most overcrowded destination in Europe.

In second place was Buckingham Palace.

In third was Siam Park, the waterpark in Tenerife.

Unsurprisingly, the Grand Canal in Venice and the Louvre in Paris also made an appearance.

How many have you been to?

You might want to save some of these for outside of peak season.

Most overcrowded tourist destinations:

  1. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh
  2. Buckingham Palace, London
  3. Siam Park, Tenerife
  4. Canal Grande, Venice
  5. Roman Baths, Bath
  6. Tower of London, London
  7. Louvre Museum, Paris
  8. Acropolis, Athens
  9. The British Museum, London
  10. Musée d’Orsay, Paris

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