Eddy's Good News: Oneka technologies and a medical miracle

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16 Nov 2023, 12:48

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Thursday 16th November 2023

Credit: Oneka Technologies

Incredible tech news from Canada and an absolutely brilliant contraception that will decarbonise the entire desalination industry!

The world is getting hotter and water scarcer so more and more people around the world are relying on seawater as drinking water, currently 300 million people who have access to water from 21,000 desalination plants - all of whom use fossil fuels to take the salt out of the water by reverse osmosis.

But Oneka Technologies in Canada have come up with modular units which sit on the water, anchored to the sea bed and use the waves themselves to make enough energy to desalinate 13,000 gallons a day! Incredible. They take up no space on land, which is crucial for island nations where land is scarce and they have zero emissions! Just like wind turbines, you can install as many or as few as you like, it just looks like a cool little boat.

Via: onekawater.com

Credit: Jocelyne Bloch / CHUV Lausanne University

We all love a medical miracle and this one came for a Frenchman in the advanced stages of Parkinson’s who could barely get one foot in front of the other, now walking normally and for miles!

Say bonjour to 63 year old Bordeaux man, Marc, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's twenty years ago and things got so bad for him that he had to have someone walking with him at all times because he could just freeze at any moment. Steps, particularly, were a nightmare and may as well have been mountain ranges.  

But thanks to brilliant teams in Lausanne, Switzerland, Marc has had a special implant in his spine which sends electrical signals to his legs. These types of things usually need a control unit in a backpack but not this time, he’s got another small implant in his abdomen so he’s free, very literally, and now walks nearly four miles a day - on his own - around a lake and he loves it. Oh, and stairs, he’s not scared of stairs anymore, they’re a piece of cake! (remains vertical).

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org