Eddy's Good News: Firemen of Prior Lake and world’s biggest operational nuclear fusion reactor

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11 Dec 2023, 10:34

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Monday 11th December 2023

Credit: Prior Lake Fire Department

In all these years I’ve never had a good news story about curling. And that record remains intact this morning. Or does it?

You make up your own mind as I tell you of the heroic firemen of Prior Lake in Minnesota, who’s nail biting rescue of a stranded deer was surely the most unorthodox ever. The large animal was stuck on the frozen lake, unable to move on the thin ice. So two firemen crawled to it on their hands and knees armed only with curling equipment.

I don’t even know what you call those Y shaped poles but that’s what they used to push the stranded animal to safety. Locals watched in awe as the two firefighting, deer rescuing heroes used a technique from an Olympic sport to rescue a massive deer!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: The JT-60SA Reactor

Some encouragement in the quest for the holy grail of energy, unlimited, clean, green electricity from nuclear fusion as we say konichiwa to the world’s biggest operational nuclear fusion reactor.

This one is a collaboration between Europe and Japan and work began on it in 2007. It’s actually the working prototype for an even bigger one which is currently being built in France.

Nuclear fusion is not to be confused with current nuclear power which has catastrophic by-products and we all know how disastrous they can be. This is not splitting the atom, it’s trying to mimic how the sun produces energy. Imagine every summer holiday you've ever had, plus every lightning storm you’ve ever seen, in a doughnut and you’re somewhere near. It’s the most advanced reactor in the world and a milestone for fusion history. So far it’s used more energy than it creates, but hopefully this bad boy will change the paradigm.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org