Eddy's Good News: Pleasant surprise from Florida police and girls playing cricket in Syria

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12 Apr 2024, 14:56

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Friday 12th April 2024

Credit: Joe Neu

If you have a phone and enjoy the odd scroll for funny things that happen to people then you’ll be well aware that Florida is the epicentre for ridiculous things happening. 

That has turned to heart warming this week as Joe Neu and his family got a pleasant surprise to get their groceries delivered by Florida Police. 

Why were their fruit and greens being delivered by boys in blue? Because they’d just arrested their delivery driver! 

Suspect Richard Robinson was wanted in two states and when they nabbed him they noticed there was a large delivery bag in the panier of his motorbike, so, taking their vow to protect and serve very seriously. They finished the protecting then decided to serve. Robinson was cuffed and taken away and the arresting officers decided to go above and beyond to deliver the groceries to the Neus. Greens by Blue! 

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Alsama student Maram, a cricket coach and official MCC Young Ambassador- Ollie B. Tikare

We now see more and more girls wanting to play cricket for their country. It’s a noble aim, and one that Wissal who’s 16, and her friend Ola who’s 17 would give anything to do.

Wissal’s a mean off-spinner and a cricket coach too, and Ola’s a powerful batter. Playing for your country is hard enough, but when that country is Syria and you live in a refugee camp in Lebanon that was built for 3,000 people and currently has 40,000 people in it, imagine how hard that is. Despite the obvious hardships, they found a patch of dirt to play, to learn and to coach and the cricket has inspired them and many others.

 Because it’s a non contact sport boys and girls play together, and do, with girls excelling as much as boys. They are now part of a network of 550 cricket youth  players and in one of four schools opened by British aid workers who were inspired by these kids and their desire to learn. Ola sums it up best. Ola agrees. “I love hitting the ball really hard. When I hit a six, I feel like I’m achieving my dreams. It’s like I’m expressing my aim in life. The ball goes all the way – and so can I.”

Via: positive.news