Eddy's Good News: Shelter dogs paired with cross country runners and the Texas light out campaign

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22 Apr 2024, 16:44

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Monday 22nd April 2024

Credit: <em>Members of the boys’ cross-country team at Steinbrenner High School in Lutz, Fla., on one of their regular shelter dog runs in July 2023 - by Allison Szponar</em>

A heart warming news pupdate to make your Monday better as we meet a Californian gym coach who found a brilliant way to motivate his cross country running team during the summer holidays. He paired them with shelter dogs that needed exercise!

He started the program 8 years ago and it’s been such a success that athletic coaches from all over the USA have contacted him to ask how he did it! And by far the best thing about putting doggos with students - adoptions have skyrocketed. 

Credit: <em>Siblings Blake Peifer, 14, and Brady Peifer, 17 — both students at Steinbrenner High School with shelter dog Pantera during a run in June 2022 - by Margaret Peifer.</em>

He simply contacted his local shelter and asked if some of the dogs needed exercise and that he had volunteers to do that. 

The runners then got daily motivation to go out on a run, the dogs loved it, and in a heartwarming number of cases, the youngsters' families ended up adopting the dog and giving them a furever home. 

Absolute genius.  

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: <em>The Houston skyline darkened – Tendenci CC 3.0.</em>

Inspiring avian news from Texas and how a lights out campaign in cities like Houston is saving millions of birds from dying. 

The numbers involved here are staggering. 

One in three American birds, that’s almost two billion, will pass through Texas during their Spring and Autumn migration. 

They do this at night and navigate by moon and stars. But when they get near places like Houston, with its skyscrapers and myriad lights, they’re attracted by the lights and when they get into the city they’re dazzled, become panicked and confused and then tens of millions of them (in just that one city) will end up crashing into a building and dying. 

Credit: <em>CBS Texas</em> <em>YouTube</em>

The campaign was started by conservationists two years ago and they are seeing startling results. They contacted all the skyscrapers management, appealed through local TV and radio to local residents too, to switch off non essential lights between 11pm and 6am and in just two years they’ve cut bird collision deaths by 60%! Given 400 species of birds fly through Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth, and between 365 million and a billion birds die every year from this in the US, you can imagine what a huge difference this makes.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org