Eddy's Good News: How AI can diagnose breast cancer and carbon beads restoring gut health

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12 Jun 2024, 14:20

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Wednesday 12th June 2024

Credit: Getty

Amazing AI news from Denmark and a breakthrough in breast cancer diagnosis. 

I’ve shared with you a growing list of incredible positives from the world of AI, N antidote to the fear mongering of mainstream press who only report on a possible Hollywood style doom scenario. 

Credit: Lauritzen

We know how overwhelmed the NHS are, triage, radiology, all of these services have a backlog and are short staffed. Enter AI programs that in recent tests are now proven to identify breast cancer with greater efficiency than the average radiologist and reduced the number of false positives too. 

The discovery comes almost a year and a half after a study by the same team which showed that AI could diagnose cancer in chest X-rays at least as efficiently as a board-certified radiologist, and these programs only improve with practice. 

They’ve concluded that AI diagnosis can substantially reduce radiologist workload. For anyone interested in stats the commercially available AI tool they used got over 91% accuracy and the ones they missed were also missed by a human. 

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: University of Brighton/Yaqrit- Carbalive beads

You might be an “I’m not a beads type of person, I bought some on a holiday beach once and got rubbed mercilessly when I wore them to work”. I hear you. But these beads are potential life savers for people with liver, kidney and brain conditions. 

Researchers at University College London have developed microscopic carbon beads which restore gut health and it’s your gut that’s linked to all these conditions now. Look after your gut and it will look after you is the messaging from every doctor and dietician with their bircher muesli and bio fermented turmeric.

When your gut goes out of balance, usually from poor meat and processed food centric diets, not enough plant diversity or prolonged exposure to antibiotics, this is called “disbiosis” then bad bacteria can take over from the good stuff and that when the bad things happen. Inflammation, and leakiness of the gut wall. This can lead to liver, kidney and brain damage, so they tested the beads on mice with liver cirrhosis and found that over several weeks the beads stopped the scarring from cirrhosis and improved the life expectancy of those with chronic liver and kidney failure.

Human tests next but what we should take from this is that when it comes to our diet. Mostly plants. And the holy trinity: Diversity, diversity, diversity!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org