You can now buy lids for your empty Gü dessert pots

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2 Nov 2021, 14:42

Credit: Instagram / @puddingpotlids

Credit: Instagram / @puddingpotlids

We all love a Gü dessert, don’t we? And then, once we’ve devoured the sweet treat, we’re left with a nice little glass pot that we’re sure will be useful in the future, but we’re never quite sure what for. 

The problem, of course, with the round receptacle that we’re left with is that it doesn’t have a lid, as the pudding comes with a foil top, which is peeled away to enjoy the tastiness within. So, what inevitably happens is that we put the empty ramekins in the cupboard, where they are destined to stay, unused, for eternity. 

However, a couple of geniuses from East London have come up with an idea that will bring new life to your empty jars. And it’s a pretty simple idea: Lids. 

Entrepreneurs Jana Silver and Jess Tadbir have come up with watertight bamboo lids, which are especially designed to snugly fit with the dimensions of the Gü pudding pots. 

Jana told LADbible: “The idea came about two months ago when I wanted to take seasoning to Jess' house. 

"I didn't have any small Tupperware, so I used a Gü pot and a lot of clingfilm. I got to Jess' house and started venting about how annoying it is that Gü pots don't have lids."

And with that, Pudding Pot Lids was born. 

The Pudding Pot Lids website says that the lids are a way of utilising the jars rather than having them “jankily stacked and unloved” in the cupboard. “Imagine if you could turn them into something useful. Something that makes them stack properly in the cupboard at least! Imagine if you could make your Gü pots into useful containers. That way, you could use them for seasoning, transporting baby food, taking snacks to the park.”

The dessert pot lids are perfectly measured to fit Gü desserts, and the Lidl/Aldi alternatives.

They are priced at £4.99 for a pair. Or you can buy a four pack, a six pack or an eight pack for £18.99 if you’ve been stocking up on your Gü dessert ramekins. And if you’ve really been working your way through your desserts, then you can even buy hundreds of lids at wholesale prices.

Check out the The Pudding Pot Lids website here.