This mum does the craziest Elf on the Shelf pranks

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20 Dec 2021, 14:59

Credit: Instagram @elves_Unicorns_sparkle

Credit: Instagram @elves_Unicorns_sparkle

You’ve probably seen this cheeky little elf all over social media as parents across the country get their kids excited for Christmas by making the Elf on the Shelf do pranks around the house.

The idea is the Elf gets up to mischief while children are in bed, and every morning there is a new prank to discover.

Most parents opt for small-scale tricks, like drawing moustaches on family photos or hiding the elf in odd places, but Claire Henderson has taken it a step further.

In an interview for the Manchester Evening News, she said: “We started eight years ago when my sons were five and nearly one.

"I saw an article and thought they would love having an elf to come and stay!

"I've always gone 'all out' for Christmas, Halloween, Easter and birthdays, so I knew I'd enjoy it as much as them."

Some of her crazier Elf pranks include filling her entire bathtub with popcorn, wrapping her car with cling film and turning her living room floor into ‘lava’.

Credit: Instagram @elves_Unicorns_sparkle

Credit: Instagram @elves_Unicorns_sparkle

She’s even dyed the family dog, Honey, purple for one of the pranks- but don’t worry, it was doggy dye from the pet shop, so it washed right out.

Claire revealed she does it because she loves her children’s reaction to the pranks.

She said: “I love seeing their faces light up every morning and run down the stairs to see what their elves have done.

"Even my daughter, who has just turned two, enjoys the elves. She looked for them as soon as she gets up and points at their antics and runs down with a giant grin on her face.

"The elves create memories that will last a lifetime.”

The mum spends all year planning the Elf’s pranks in preparation for December and usually bases them on things her kids have done that year.

She said: “I take inspiration from movies, trips out or even their games.

“They’ve taken up kayaking this year, so I’ve made a mountain and rive for a kayak. My daughter loves balloons, so they filled the room with balloons.”

It may seem like a time-consuming task, but Claire loves it as much as her children.

She added: "I really enjoy doing the elf.

"It's hard work, especially when I had a newborn, but seeing their faces light up every morning and the excitement every night before they go to bed makes it all worthwhile."

Well, it’s certainly something they are going to remember for a long time.