People can’t get over this woman’s giant garlic sauce order

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21 Jan 2022, 16:08

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

She ordered 250ml of the sauce, and it came in a cardboard container!

People on Twitter are losing it over this woman’s ridiculous garlic sauce order, which she posted to social media.

Hannah Louise took a snap of her 250ml garlic sauce order that she got with her food from the Turkish restaurant Dom’s Place in Clapton, East London.

Taking to Twitter to share the obscene amount of sauce, she said: "Ordered a 250ml portion of garlic sauce with our takeaway and I dunno what I was expecting but it wasn't this."

We all like a bit of sauce with our meal, but that is just insane.

Soon, of course, the image went viral after attracting the attention of many Twitter users, and it racked up over 20,000 likes (and climbing).

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

One person crunched the numbers and worked out how many Dominos dips, 250ml would equate to.

They said: “250ml of garlic sauce is a hell of a lot of sauce to order. That’s like 10 dominos dips. How many people were you feeding?!”

For some people, it was their idea of heaven, with one user calling it a “forbidden smoothie” and saying it was just like “garlic soup”.

A third user wrote: “I’d stick a straw in this and drink it all”.

We’re not sure about that!

For some people, the most impressive thing of all was how a mere cardboard box was able to hold such a vast amount of sauce.

Someone said: “The box wasn’t leaking through which is impressive”.

The last thing you want tipping all over your sofa and floor is a whole 250ml container of garlic dipping sauce.

One user joked and called it “anti-vampire paint”, and in our opinion, if you ate all that sauce, vampires aren’t the only thing you’ll be keeping away.

Hannah didn’t reveal what she had ordered alongside her sauce or if she managed to get through it all.

Surely there is a Guinness World Record waiting to happen there!