How often should you change bedsheets? Many of us aren't doing it enough

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21 Jan 2022, 17:33

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Prepare to be horrified and wash your bedding straight away.

It's been revealed that many people aren't washing their bed sheets anywhere near as often as they should be.

Getting into a bed made with fresh sheets is always a pleasant experience, but it seems many of us are pretty lazy when it comes to actually washing them and making the bed.

There’s nothing like fresh sheets but we can be lazy when it comes to actually washing and changing our bed linen.

Now, experts at the Sleep Foundation have calculated we should be washing our bedsheets at least once a week.

It turns out many of us aren't doing anywhere near that.

The foundation discovered most people only actually wash their bed linen every other week instead

Some people should be washing sheets even more than once a week, for example if you have asthma or allergies.

Washing them more often can ease symptoms.

If a four-legged friend shares your sheets, you should be cleaning them every three or four days.

Do you have any of these habits? If you're a fan of eating in bed or not showering beforehand, it should definitely be once a week.

Dirt, dead skin cells, body oils and sweat build up over time, as well as dust mites.

They’re common in most homes, and live off dead skin cells.

They can trigger allergies and can cause skin irritation if they build up.

This research says 78% of people are more excited to go to bed if their sheets smell fresh.

It's a pain to wash and make the bed, but it's worth it for the health benefits and the luxury.

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