Not your average loaf-er! People are divided over these £85 ‘deli sandwich’ shoes

Virgin Radio

25 Jan 2022, 11:24

Credit: Dolls Kill

Credit: Dolls Kill

It’s not the first time food has been the direct inspiration for fashion (hello Lady Gaga’s meat dress) but everyday style fans are not so sure about these new deli-inspired trainers. 

The incredible ‘Deli Sandwich Platform Sneakers’ cost £85 on Dolls Kill’s alternative fashion website. 

The fun description says: “These novelty sandwich sneakers have a vegan leather construction, platform soles with veggies and meats, and adjustable lace-up closures with olive skewer charms.”

Yes - you too can walk around with loaf-inspired shoes, stuffed to the brim with realistic lettuce, cured meats and even a dainty oliver skewer on the top. 

They look pretty fun to wear, and also make a pretty convincing sandwich (if not a slightly expensive choice for lunch) but lots of social media users aren’t so convinced. 

After sharing the shoes on their Instagram page, fans were in either in shock, disbelief, or utterly obsessed at the new item. 

Famous socialite and reality star Paris Hilton even chimed in, and simply responded ‘Lol’ upon seeing the unique take on sneakers. 

Others weren’t so sure. The caption to the photo asked: “Where Are U Wearing Them?!”, and one user responded: “The psych ward, cause that’s probably where my parents would send me if I started wearing these.”

Another wrote a simple: ‘Hell no’, while a third commented: “Kindly gonna pass.”

Some fans weren’t so harsh on the quirky fashion item. One user said: “they are kinda a vibe though”, while another replied: “Send these to me so I can be the best dressed at work making yummy sandwiches all day.”

What do you think - could these be a staple in your wardrobe?