The HEATED bargain dressing gown we need in our lives from Aldi for £35

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25 Jan 2022, 16:49

Credit: Aldi

Always feel like a walking talking freezing Calippo? Yep, we feel the cold and it's not pleasant. Well it's time to thaw with a little help from this bone-warming gown.

Aldi has brought out a heated dressing gown - the Kirkton House Heated Coat - and we're desperate to be wrapped in it immediately.

Available in grey and cream, the machine-washable soft flannel fleece boasts nine digitally-controlled temperatures and nine timers to last as long as 90 minutes, plus an overheating protector so you don't literally roast.

The detachable lead cable and hand controller unit is great so you don't have to move ever again and is a steal at £34.99.

Don't be defeated, although it's sold out online, check in at stores from Thursday, January 27.

Credit: Aldi

Or dive on top of an Aldi heated blanket for £34.99 which comes with nine timer steps lasting up to 180 minutes.

Shoppers have fallen in love with the products already.

One user wrote on social media: "It's a dream come true."

Another said: "My prayers have been answered."

A third wrote: "This sounds like heaven."

Once we're warm, we don't think we'll ever leave...