Try this simple trick to hide annoying cables without spending loads

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9 Feb 2022, 12:49

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It sometimes feels like technology is taking over our houses.

One interior designer has shared a tip to crack down on annoying cables, and it needn't cost the earth either.

There are several different methods to try to hide the cables.

Interior designer Amelia Strat says one method is to have an electrical outlet installed right behind a flat-screen TV that is wall mounted.

She explained: "This way, the power cord can be neatly wrapped up and tucked behind the TV.

"Usually, this isn't super expensive, as most people choose to place their TV in a location that's already near an outlet."

Another recommendation is a cord cover, which can be installed directly on the wall or hidden beside the skirting board.

"Most cord covers can be painted to match the colour of your walls, so they can blend in more seamlessly," says home expert, Abbe Fenimore.

Have you heard of a cable zipper? Interior expert Mark Lavender recommends them: "This way, the cables stay contained and organized in one place.

"And can be attached to the wall (or behind a media console) with the provided self-adhesive mounts".

Many items of furniture can be used to hide annoying cables. Interiors expert Emma Beryl said: "This way, you can drill one small hole into the back of the furniture item, snake your wires through, and plug it into the wall as you normally would."

Smaller items found around the home can also be used as a disguise, says Mark.

He says: "If you have a console below your flat-screen TV, try placing a stack of books in front of the hanging cords to hide them."

It's not just books: houseplants, candles, and artwork can be used to hide wires if you're not a fan of DIY.