The secret behind Subway’s salivating smell and how a sub has more sugar than a CAKE

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17 Feb 2022, 14:02

Credit: Getty

Heaven scent. Not many people aren't left dribbling wrecks after smelling six inches of Subway. And now it's been revealed how they make it smell so darn good in a new Channel 5 documentary Subway: How Do They Really Do It?

Going behind the baking scenes, the secrets behind the popular fast-food chain were revealed.

Contributor Harry Wallop revealed: "To give credit to Subway, they do actually genuinely bake their bread in store. So when they say it’s freshly baked bread, actually, that is correct."

A member of staff explained: "We take it out to flavour it.

The narrator added: "Those seductive aromas lure punters in where they’re presented with eight different options to choose from."

With over 44,000 eateries around the world, Subway hit the food scene back in 1965.

But is it really as good for you as it smells with almost double the amount of sugar in a baker's white roll?

Public analyst Duncan Campbell said: “When we look at the sugars, the Subway roll had 5.5g for each 100g and the one from the local baker 2.4g, so twice as much sugar for Subway.

“They’ve both got similar levels of the sugars which is coming out the bread flour in the proving process prior to baking. 

“But then in the Subway roll we find sucrose and some glucose as well, so both of those sugars have been added into the product before baking to make the product sweeter.”