Salt Bae is back in London and this time he’s slicing avocados

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17 Feb 2022, 11:37

Credit: @nusr-et on Instagram

Credit: @nusr-et on Instagram

The viral chef is back, and he’s swapped his steak for something else.

Salt Bae, or as he is more formally known, Nusret Gökçe, went viral on the internet in 2017 when a video of his unusual technique for preparing and seasoning steak became a meme.

The chef owns a chain of luxury restaurants all over the globe, including London, and has returned to the capital city after leaving late last year to open his chain in Saudi Arabia.

He is apparently back with a bang as he releases another one of his videos- this time without the steak.

Salt Bae has chosen to appeal to all dietary requirements by slicing up an avocado instead, and of course, he maintains his signature style.

In the video, the chef lines up a row of avocados and, using a pretty huge knife, dramatically cuts them all horizontally with a single slice.

Don’t you just love the internet?

Since it opened in September last year, Salt Bae’s Knightsbridge restaurant has become known for its insane prices.

If you’ve got some spare cash, you can get a golden steak for £850 or even a golden burger for £100.  That’s not even the most expensive thing on the menu either, for an eye-watering £1450, you could get your hands on a Golden Giant Tomahawk steak or a Golden Giant Striploin for £1350.

The desserts are slightly less shocking, costing around £25 per dish.

Alcoholic drinks are of course more expensive than usual with four Grey Goose drinks costing £72, two bottles of Petrus 2003 will set you back by £19,900 (yikes) and two bottles of Dom Périgon Rosé 2006 total up to £1,620.

According to the booking website Square Meal, the average price of a meal at the Nusr-Et comes to more than £80, but the website doesn’t display any of their prices, so it’s hard to tell.