Fans are wowed by this hack to make preparing an orange even easier

Virgin Radio

3 May 2022, 11:49

If you haven't bought easy-peelers, this trick will make peeling oranges even simpler.

A mum shared a time-saving hack to prepare oranges for her toddler.

Brittany Roper shared the video, and she promises it will save you time.

Using a 'cutie' mandarin orange, clever Brittany turns it on one side to cut it in half.

Next, she picks up one of the halves, pushes the base of it through, turning it inside out.

The result is easy to pick segments without all the faff.

Brittany explained: "I am aware this isn’t an actual orange. We call them cuties here in Texas. Forgive me for not getting the proper name right."

Fans have loved her tips though, with over 1100 comments and more than 132,000 likes within three days.

One wrote: "I need to try that!!!"

"My life will never be the same again", added one fan.

One shocked viewer wrote: "I was 32 years old when i learned this amazing trick... thanks!"

Another time-pressed viewer praised: "You have saved my mornings!"

Someone wondered why we aren't all taught tips and tricks like this.

She fumed: "What the actual... Why don't we get a life manual with all of this random how to live info in it?!!"

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