Try this clever hack to fit more baby clothes on the drying rack

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5 May 2022, 16:12

Pic: getty

If you're overwhelmed with washing, try this mum's handy hack for saving space when trying to get baby clothes on a drying rack.

Seeing the laundry pile up can be a pain.

Newborns get through clothing incredibly quickly, and the washing soon adds up.

Mum-of-two Jaymee-Lea shared her tip on TikTok to make wash day easier.

Her hack makes it much easier to fit more items on the drying rack.

The video has clocked up 157,000 views since it was posted last month.

Instead of hanging babygros by the shoulders, she hangs them upside down from the popper area instead.

"See how much space it saves?" said one.

Another said: “Such a good idea!!!!”

“You’ve saved my life” added one mum.

Another parent said “Where was this 2 years ago when my baby was going through 5+ vests a day?"

"Would have never thought of this” said another, tagging her friend.

“Doing laundry at the moment and I’m totally hanging it out like this! Thanks," praised one watcher.

Jaymee-Lea says the clothes dry quicker when they are hung on the air dryer in the way she demonstrates in the video.

One person asked: “Do you think it dries them quicker? I've started to wash my baby things before he’s born - I feel like it’s taking forever doing it the other way”. 

Jaymee-Lea replied: “Absolutely! I find when they are folded over they take forever!”