Man gets six-pack TATTOOED on his front because he hates working out in the gym

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6 May 2022, 15:51

Credit: TikTok

Most people can't be bothered to go to the gym but one man has taken it to the maximum extreme and got a six-pack tattooed on his stomach.

Over on TikTok, a man can be seen trying to get a toned tummy, but then takes the second lazier option of getting some sculpting done with the help of a tattoo artist.

South African inker Dean Gunther, creator of the design who lives in Greater Manchester, said it took TWO days to finish and he did it for free.

Credit: TikTok / The Sun

He told The Sun Online: "I had seen really bad ones attempted before. Because I specialise in colour realism I wanted to give it a go.

"I thought it would be funny as hell."

Gunther said: "The client nearly quit one hour into it on the first day but we got there."

Credit: TikTok / The Sun

The clip has racked up over 62,900 views and users have been loving the DIY six-pack design.

One follower said: "Please tell me this is a joke?"

And another wrote: "Bro ain’t no way."

Credit: TikTok / The Sun

Then a third commented: "If you can’t tone it tat it."

Sounds like a flat-plan...?