You can now buy chocolate stock cubes

Virgin Radio

29 Jul 2022, 16:05

(l-r) stock cubes and a skewers of food with a sauce on and more stock cubes

Pic: Knorr

Have you ever seen a recipe where it calls for adding a little chocolate to a savoury dish?

It's a popular addition to thinks like chilli con carne.

Now, instead of having to fork out for a whole block, you can buy a chocolate stock cube to take your cooking to the next level.

Knorr has teamed up with the chocolatier Cox & Co to create a chocolate "stock" cube.

Looking exactly like your normal savoury cube, this clever creation can add a kick to your cuisine.

The cubes are made with 71% cacao and sea salt, and are described as having a ‘bold and punchy taste’.

You can either dissolve them directly into dishes or mixed with a little water to dilute them.

Each 60g pack, now available to buy online for £2, contains six individual cubes.

Be quick though, as they're limited edition.

Gavin Cox, the founder of Cox & Co, said: ‘The Choc Cubes are a perfect way to demonstrate the versatility of chocolate and show Brits how chocolate can be more than just a “sweet treat”, as the ingredient provides a solution to adding subtle and rich flavours into home-cooked meals.’

Would you give these a go?