Try this ice cube hack to avoid ironing school uniforms

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1 Sep 2022, 16:09

A woman taking washing out of the dryer, ice cube tray with loose ice cubes

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The dreaded return to school is almost upon us, and with it comes the loads of washing and ironing.

One laundry expert has shared a must-try hack to avoid ironing for the most part.

 CEO of Laundryheap Deyan Dimitrov swears by ice cubes for a hassle free laundry session.

Deyan says: "Ice cubes are the perfect solution to prevent creases in clothes.

"Run a standard cycle and your garments should emerge in pristine condition."

If you don't have a tumble dryer or are trying to save money by using it less, use steam.

Deyan says: "Make use of a humid room in your home - search for a boiler room, airing cupboard or a recently used shower.

"Hang your school uniform in the room until the creases drop considerably, if not completely.

"This can take between 30 minutes to several hours." 

How you hang your clothes makes a difference too.

Deyan says: "Shake out school uniforms after a quick wash and peg them on a washing line outside for several hours.

"If you hang garments from their seams, gravity should work out any creases - they’ll also end up smelling crisp, fresh and clean.

Deyan also says to use caution when folding clothes.

Deyan says: "Avoid refolding school uniforms as you transport them from the dryer to your drawers.

"Folding your laundry just once before use will minimise multiple folding creases, helping to keep as much of your clothing as crinkle-free as possible.

"It can also help to do this immediately after they’ve dried, which will prevent them from wrinkling as they sit in the dryer or on the side, before storage."

You can also try rolling garments instead.

Deyan says: "This is also an easy technique to master - it saves space and reduces the amount of creases in uniforms.

"However, make sure to check that the garment doesn’t have any wrinkles before rolling - if it does, you’ll make their creases more pronounced! 

"Find a flat surface and lay the item face up, fold the bottom section upwards by three inches.

"Next, start to fold it into thirds, taking the left and right side and folding them into the centre.

"Then, fold the sleeves back on themselves to reduce the original width by a third.

"Lastly, start at the collar and roll the item up with a moderate tension - you’ll end up with a perfectly rolled item that’s resistant to wrinkling."

If the uniform isn't smelling great, Deyan has a tip for that too.

Deyan says: "After a summer of storage, your child’s uniform might be a tad musty.

"Don’t worry, this is easily remedied by putting them out on the washing line during a gusty spell.

"The sun will kill any bacteria and eliminate odours."

"If the weather has taken a turn for the worse, a tumble dryer can be used on a mixed setting to the same effect."

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