Muddy dogs and bonfires are the most popular autumnal scents

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26 Oct 2022, 14:20

Perfume bottle, pumpkin and muddy dogs

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Eau de muddy dog, anyone?

When you think of autumn you probably think of pumpkin spice and falling leaves.

A new list of our favourite seasonal scents has been released, and there are some surprises.

At the top is the smell of bonfire, wood and smoke - with bonfire night fast approaching there will be many happy people.

Next up is the scent of wet leaves on the ground, presumably because it reminds people of walks together.

The biggest surprise was number 3, muddy dog.

Any pet owner will vouch for the fact our four-legged friends will make a beeline for the nearest muddy puddle if they can.

Over a third of those questioned named muddy dog as their favourite autumn scent.

There are some more conventional choices on the list if you disagree with the controversial top three.

How about pumpkin spice, mulled wine, or ginger?

These mouth watering scents are also popular.

Vanilla and pecan will have you craving something sweet.

The survey was carried out by Yappy, and John Smith is a Pet Expert.

He says: “Pumpkin spice, the smell of bonfire, and cinnamon are all autumnal scents we know and love, but most surprising of all is that the stench of our beloved pooches after a long walk features in the top three most popular autumnal scents!

“As a nod to our favourite smells, we’re releasing a limited edition ‘Muddy Dog’ scented candle to feature alongside our brand new ‘Muddy Paws’ range as the wet weather walking season begins. The range includes personalised shampoos, towels, and colognes, and is available to buy now from our website.”

The 10 most popular autumnal scents amongst Brits are:

  1. Bonfire/smoke/wood 
  2. Wet leaves 
  3. Muddy dog 
  4. Pumpkin spice 
  5. Cinnamon 
  6. Mulled wine 
  7. Spice 
  8. Ginger 
  9. Vanilla 
  10. Pecan 

Do you agree with the choices?

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