Canine-friendly consoles and video games launching for DOGS to track health

Virgin Radio

17 Nov 2022, 11:29

Credit: Getty

Dogs playing computer games. We never thought we'd see the day. Well now pooches will be able to play video games for some extra-sensory stimulation with the hope of learning more about dog dementia, health and their well-being.

Launched by UK startup Joipaw, there will be interactive games available on classics such as whac-a-mole, the effects of which will be used to study a dog’s state of mind, joint issues or dementia which is almost impossible for owners to spot on their own.

An Apple Health-style tracker will enable the dog's health, number of steps, time resting, playing and all physical activity to be measured, which is especially useful if you're concerned about leaving your dog home alone and to also track their moods and needs.

The tracker, which can be simply clipped onto a dog’s collar, can also help identify early signs of cognitive health problems if it’s worn while particular video games are played.

You'll get notified if something is wrong with your pooch, and you'll have access to a report that you can share with your vet to improve treatment and diagnosis.  

So who came up with this genius canine creation? Joipaw’s co-founders and gamers Dersim Avdar and his wife adopted a rescue dog in Hong Kong and wanted to keep him busy while he was on his own.

What started as a joke has turned into their business Joipaw which has begun doggie-testing trials on various products already. 

In more im-paw-tant news, once the console gets the green light, even more mind-blowing features might be added, such as your dog being able to play against other four-legged friends.

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