Is this Full English breakfast pizza the ultimate hangover cure?

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17 Nov 2022, 09:54

(L-R) A woman looking at a spilt glass of wine, and a shot of the hangover cure pizza

Credit: Getty / TikTok (@Myriadrecipes)

This might be some vital information as we enter Christmas party season!

A TikToker named Myriadrecipes has created what could potentially be the best cure for a hangover ever - by combining a Full English breakfast with a cheesy pizza.

The mash-up brings together the ideal meals for after a heavy night, and is the perfect solution if your hangover brain can’t decide what it wants more - a carb-heavy Italian staple, or a greasy spoon meal. 

Now, stick with us here, as you may think such a culinary delight would be tricky to put together, and no one wants to stand over a stove while hungover, but you’ll be delighted to know you can put together this dish with only a few ingredients, including a fully made pizza base. 

As shown in Myriadrecipes’ video, all you will need is one store-bought Margherita pizza, two breakfast sausages, TABASCO® Sriracha Sauce, three mushrooms, streaky bacon, black pudding, cherry tomatoes and one egg. 

First, take the skin off the breakfast sausages and break up into a pan with some vegetable oil. Fry for five minutes, then add in some Sriracha sauce and fry for a further three minutes. Once that’s done, set it aside. 

@Myriadrecipes cooking up sausages and the full english pizza

Credit: TikTok (@Myriadrecipes)

Then, prepare the mushrooms, tomatoes and black pudding and set aside. The video suggests slicing up the mushrooms and bacon, cutting the tomatoes in half and breaking up the black pudding. 

Remove your pre-made pizza from all its packaging and arrange all your delicious toppings, starting with the uncooked bacon, sausage, mushroom tomato and black pudding. Then break an egg and add into the middle of the pizza. 

Bake the pizza to its packaging instructions and voila! A bonafide hangover cure to get you ready to face whatever the day tries to throw at you. 

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