Mind-blowing mystery behind Saudi Arabian perfectly split Al Naslaa rock

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21 Nov 2022, 12:22

The Al Naslaa rock

Credit: Facebook

This rocks, literally. The Al Naslaa rock formation in Saudi Arabia is a jaw-dropping sight to see. The two enormous boulders sat on top of small pedestals are separated by a single, smooth crack and look like something man-made that you'd find in Disney World.

One of Earth’s greatest mysteries, the two boulders which are located near the Al Knanafah Wildlife Sanctuary, sit at six metres (20 feet) high and were created solely by Mother Nature.

According to IFL Science, the special rock formation has been created by the power of nature and weathering, alone.

One theory behind the mind-melting wonder is that the rock formation sits on a 'fault line' and was previously one solid stone before separating.

Over time, sandy winds could have smoothed the rock in the split and made the once rough area perfectly smooth.

The crack could also be due to the effect of ancient water which freezes and thaws over time and could have made the perfect divide.

The pedestals the rocks are sat on are backed by scientific reasons and are formed due to gusts of wind along the ground wearing away the base of the rock before the rest of it.

While some theories point towards the split being hand-made by humans, the sandstone rock is said to be too hard to be broken down with tools.

The formation is a 'petroglyph', which are 'images made by carving or engraving the surface of a rock'.

Arabian horses, ibexes, and humans can be seen on the Al Naslaa Rock Formation’s surface and they are thought to be over four thousand years old.

Some people say it's the work of aliens.

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