McDonald’s is trying out a fully-automated location

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23 Dec 2022, 11:24

Credit: Getty and TikTok Foodiemunste

Supermarkets already have self-service tills, but McDonald's is trying out a new scheme.

In Texas a new branch of the burger chain has gone fully automated.

It means you can go into McDonald's and order your food then collect your meal without having to see or speak to a human.

Before you wonder how the food will be cooked, humans will still be in the kitchen preparing the items.

Many McDonald's in the UK already use a bank of screens where people can place an order, with a staff member then calling out the collection number and checking you're taking the right one.

Some people have expressed concerns as they do struggle to use the machines.

Over in Fort Worth, Texas, there is no customer service or face-to-face element.

Food TikToker @foodiemunster had a look at the new McDonald's.

Many viewers and commenters thought it seems strange not seeing the busy rush of the kitchen, or crowds of people enjoying their food as it is drive-thru and takeaway only.

If you're a fan of Yo Sushi, you'll love the conveyor belt system that they use instead to bring the food to you.

The restaurant is smaller than most other chains due to nowhere to sit down.

Max Carmona, McDonald's senior director of global design and restaurant development, said they were "finding new ways to serve them faster and easier than ever before".

One commenter said they would "rather have this than the current rudeness of the staff".

,Another predicted it would be "every fast food restaurant eventually".

Others jokes that even the new-fangled restaurant would say the "ice cream machine is still down".

Commenters also asked what would happen to existing jobs if this idea was rolled out.

Others said they like to "hear voices and see faces" when ordering and collecting food.

Would you like a place like this?