The Coral on their new album Coral Island, plus watch their live session

Virgin Radio

7 May 2021, 16:44

The rockers from the Wirral joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about their chart-topping new psychedelic album starring their glorious granddad and being ready for people to go Marmite over it.

On the inspiration of the name of the album, frontman James Skelly said: ”There’s one in Blackpool, I think it’s an arcade. 

"I think we saw it as we were coming home from a gig and that triggered the idea and then it started to become a mythical place and an island…"

James continued: "Nick had wrote liner notes and we were like, who could read them? Cillian Murphy or John Simm? And then Ian was like, give it to granddad.

"When I got it back I was like, wow this is amazing -  put all the echo on it and I lost my head, like, this is the first single... granddad talking for five minutes.

"I got talked down from that and then once we split it up that's when we started to see what the album was."

On it's five-star reviews, they said: “The idea was on the 10th album was do something that can't be ignored.

"If people don't like it, that's fair enough but you can't ignore it. 

“You can't ignore a concept album about a mythical island with my granddad on it. No one else is doing that so that was the original idea.”  

Coral Island is out now.