Del Amitri talk about their new album, adrenaline and touring, plus watch their live session

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28 May 2021, 11:49

It's been a long time since Del Amitri have played live, and they had great fun getting back into the swing of things this morning.

They performed for the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky.

Singer Justin Currie laughed: "The last gig that I did was a mate’s pub band in December 2019. I think that was the last time I was actually on a stage singing one Bob Dylan song. So that wasn't exactly adrenalin-fueled either."

Someone's dropped a plectrum, Justin needs a different guitar... they sound fantastic though and are having a laugh doing it.

The band are celebrating a new album, called 'Fatal Mistakes’, and it's out today. It’s their 7th studio album and their first since 2002.

It was a change in the way they made it, too.

"We used to try and record live and then we usually failed" jokes Justin. "But most of this was done live in one room. No session musicians, nobody. Even our very first indie album, there was an organ player and a percussion player that we hired to sort of tart it up a bit. This time we did our own tarting."

Chris commented how much he enjoyed the album: "Can I say congratulations, I listened to the album twice last night in the sunshine with the kids around the house. And it is absolutely fantastic."

They talked about the Americana influences. Andy Alston said: "There is that connection with the west coast of Scotland and country music. There’s a cultural link there."

Justin added: "Well, my big sister, she only bought one record in my whole childhood and it was The Eagles Greatest Hits. So that's probably permeated through her bedroom wall."

Chris asked about the band over the years, and any changes.

Justin recalled: "We had members that leave to go and have children and things. We did an awful lot of sitting on tour buses in America in the 90s. I think that got to some people after a while, but me and Andy quite enjoyed it. If you can sleep on a tour bus, it's a winner. If you can't sleep it’s really tricky.

Iain Harvie laughed: "I could just sleep on the top of a flagpole in a force 10 gale, which is a fantastic skill for touring. I can just lie down and go to sleep."

They were wide awake this morning fortunately...

Hear Del Amitri chatting to David Spencer in our special about their career and the new album, this Sunday night (30th May) at 10pm.

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