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Virgin Radio

21 Jan 2022, 07:55

Miles Kane live at Virgin Radio

The acclaimed musician joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about his new record, and to play an amazing live session from the top of the tower!

Miles Kane’s new album, Change The Show, is out today (21st January). When Chris asked how it felt to be experiencing album launch day once again, he replied: “It feels as exciting as the first, if I’m honest.”

He added: “I’m buzzing off life, right now. It’s been amazing to be busy and back at it.”

However, whilst Miles is excited that the album is finally out, he did admit to having felt a little restless in the build-up to its release. “I felt pretty calm about it all, and taking it day-by-day, but the last couple of nights, I can’t sit still in the house," he said. "I’ve just been looking in the mirror, making loads of cups of tea and just being a bit fidgety!”

Now that Change The Show is out in the world though, the musician is up for a celebration. “This year, I’ve only had two pints, so I’m going to have a couple to celebrate,” he said.

During his set, Miles played Don’t Forget Who You Are, a track co-written by Ian Broudie from The Lightning Seeds and taken from Miles’ second studio album of the same name released in 2013.

Also in the session was Nothing’s Ever Gonna Be Good Enough, the most recent single taken from Change The Show. The recorded version features guest vocals from Corrinne Bailey Rae.

Miles also played Come Closer, which is the opening track from his debut solo studio album, The Colour Of The Trap released in 2011.

During his chat with Chris, Miles told him some of his favourite artists. “Bolan is definitely up there. Bolan, Lennon, Diana Ross, The Four Tops. That’s my go-to really,” he said. 

When Chris asked if there were any albums that Miles goes back to listen to repeatedly, he responded: “There’s a Neil Young album called On the Beach. It’s one that I will always go back to. It gives me a certain emotion. I love that album.

“It takes me into a place, I just get absorbed by it and the emotions it gives me, is something I dip back to when I need to.”

Miles was joined by Oscar Robertson on drums, David Bardon on bass, Joao Mello on keys and Josh McClory on guitar. Within his set he played a stunning version of Don’t Let Me Down, The Beatles’ classic recorded in 1969 during the Let It Be sessions. It was originally released as a B-Side to Get Back.

Chris and Miles chatted about the recent documentary, The Beatles: Get Back, directed by Peter Jackson. “I cried twice during it!” Miles admitted. “That’s all we’ve been talking about, to be honest, for the past few weeks.” 

He added: “It’s just incredible. It’s just that perfect balance of talent, humour, hard work, [and] just a love of doing it.” 

Referring to a scene in the documentary where Paul McCartney comes up with the song Get Back from scratch, Miles said: “Those little moments that do happen like that, when a song does appear, and they don’t happen a lot, but when they do, they’re so special.”

Change The Show is out now. Miles will be kicking off his 2022 UK tour in May. Check out his tour dates here

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