Watch Sam Ryder's live session here - featuring a cover of Queen's Radio Ga Ga

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21 Nov 2022, 10:39

Sam Ryder performing on The Graham Norton Radio Show with Waitrose

Our Eurovision hero performed a stunning set at the top of the tower this weekend.

Sam Ryder performed an ensemble of songs yesterday morning on The Graham Norton Radio Show with Waitrose - to the surprise of Graham himself, who'd watched Sam reading the terms and conditions on Strictly, in Blackpool, the night before!

"I got here in time!" says Sam, proudly, "I took the choice to not sleep because Strictly wrapped up at one-ish and I thought to get just a few hours sleep before getting here would make me feel worse. It's all rock and roll. He says, drinking a ginger tea!"

Sam performed three songs on the show this weekend, beginning with a haunting rendition of the song that made his name - and took him to second place in Eurovision 2022 - 'SPACE MAN'.

Watch that below!

Clearly moved by the intimate version of the Eurovision hit, Graham asked Sam what had been his highlights between the contest and now. Sam struggled to pinpoint just one moment, before settling on performing with Queen and Foo Fighters at the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert.

"When I think of some of the things that have happened," says Sam, "there are things that have been taken from my dreams. Like playing with Queen... they're my favourite band in the world. I remember trying to learn Brian May's guitar parts in front of my mirror in my bedroom. You dream that maybe you'll be in a band and play gigs like Queen one day, but you don't even consider I'm gonna sing with Queen. It doesn't become part of the fabric of your visions. But it happens."

Sam gets emotional talking about the experience that was rehearsing with his heroes.

"I went to Roger Taylor's house, which is bonkers to even say, to rehearse with him and Brian, and I've got a little audio clip of our first run through of the song we did. It's so cool because when the band kicks in, and Brian and Roger are singing harmonies, it's like, that's Queen and not a backing track or like a karaoke version. Then there's me, trying my best to like sing along with these legends that have like, been there and done it and contributed to to music I just hold so dear..."

Shall we watch Sam covering Queen's 'Radio Ga Ga'? Yes, let's do that...

Sam took some time to reflect on the experience of Eurovision. Many have competed in the contest who haven't gone on to enjoy anywhere near the staying power that Sam appears to be doing.

Sam has been thinking the same thing, and shared those thoughts with Eurovision megafan Graham.

"You just never know with Eurovision, right?" he says. "I know you're a massive fan of it - you love it just as I love it, and so many people love it. So to not do it would have been the wrong choice, but you never know. Having my album coming out now feels like a lovely way to end such a year full of blessings. We get distracted with all the other noise of being a musician, whether it's, like, making social media videos or thinking about what you're wearing or whatever. But you forget that none of it exists without the album. That's the nucleus that's the actual centre of of it all."

It feels appropriate to end this here with a song from said album, There's Nothing But Space, Man! out now. Here's a beautiful version of new single, 'All The Way Over'.

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