'I was sinking lower and lower': Robbie Williams opens up about the meaning behind his new song

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23 May 2023, 13:07

Robbie Williams

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Robbie Williams has opened up about the meaning behind his new song Comments Section.

The singer is currently working on his 15th album and revealed there was one track in particular that focuses on the impact cruel comments online have had on his mental health.

Speaking in the Daily Star newspaper's wired column, he explained: "I have a song called 'Comments Section'.

"I don't read the comments anymore. It took me a while to wean off them, but I'm out.

"Occasionally, I get stung. I just get reminded every now and again that it's a place that I shouldn't go and visit."

This is something Robbie's had to deal with way before social media and recalled times earlier in his career when the things people wrote about him had a huge effect on his self-esteem.

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He continued: "I was just sinking lower and lower and lower, so I read these things about me that confirmed to me that I'm an awful person.

"Somebody that feels as though they're an awful person anyway - it was there in black and white".

However, these days, he has learned to accept himself and is forever grateful for his fans, who have supported him along the way.

Robbie added: “Thank God I don’t have to hate myself today. Thank God that they’ve not deserted me, left me, because without them, who am I?”

Earlier this year, the former Take That singer teased he had two new albums coming out in 2023, following on from his 10th compilation album, XXV, which he released in September last year.

Speaking about his plans for this year, he said: “I have got two albums coming out pretty soon. I have a vault of new Lufthaus stuff. I could do three albums of it as Robbie Williams but new stuff gets written and you get excited about that. I want to put an album out before the summer.”