Noel Gallagher reveals the one thing Liam needs to do to get Oasis reunion started

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23 May 2023, 14:07

(L-R) Noel Gallagher on talkSPORT

Credit: talkSPORT / Getty

Oasis legend Noel Gallagher has called out his brother and bandmate Liam Gallagher for not getting in touch about a possible reunion. 

The Britpop icons formed in 1993 and went on to have major success with albums such as (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? and Be Here Now. 

After becoming one of the UK’s most successful acts, the band split in 2009 following an explosive argument backstage at a concert in Paris, France and fans have been praying for their return ever since.

While the discussions around potential reunions have been floating around for a number of years now, Noel was quizzed with more questions about what would finally bring the two musicians back together while stopping for a chat on talkSPORT.

While initially chatting about Manchester City’s huge Premier League win on Saturday (20th May), the conversation turned towards the future of Oasis, and it sounds like brother Liam will have to make the first move to get the gears turning. 

“He’s forever going on about it,” Noel explained. “You’d have thought by now he’d have some kind of plan.

“He won’t speak to me. He won’t want to speak to me, he’s a coward. He should get his people, his agent, to call me people and say, ‘look, this what we’re thinking.’ Then we’ll have a conversation about it, but until then, he’s been a little bit disingenuous with it.”

On whether or not he’d be up for the reunion as well, Noel confessed that “things are best left in the past,” but he’s also convinced Liam isn’t actually on board either.

Noel continued: “The thing with Liam is, you read these things every day. He’s saying on his [social media], ‘it’s happening, it’s happening’. He gets people’s hopes up all over the world. Then I get asked about it and I have to look like I’m dropping a big foot on it.”

“I suspect that he doesn’t want to do it but he just likes saying that he does want to do it. He’s doing his own thing, he’s sold out Knebworth and all that kind of thing. What do you want to share with me for? I’m cool with what I’m doing, he’s smashing it. Why be disingenuous with it? You know it’s not happening, if you’ve got a plan, give me a ring.”

Is an Oasis revival completely off the cards? According to the High Flying Birds frontman, he’s more than up for hearing the possibilities. 

“I’m open to a phone call, for a conversation,” he explained. “Other than that, stop playing with the kids. It’s not fair on the fans. It’s not fair.”

On Wednesday (24th May), Liam tweeted angrily in response to Noel's comments.

Part of the tweet reads: "I turn up and play the MUSIC for the people of MANCHESTER who have just had a terror attack while you sit on your dingy [sic] sipping champagne and you got the audacity to call me a COWARD sit down".

There's some additional colourful language in traditional Liam style, too.

He also tweeted to fans saying "I love you all" but called Noel "a strange brew."