Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears confesses he would love a reunion gig

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23 May 2023, 15:38

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Jake Shears has confessed he would "love" Scissor Sisters to get back together again.

The frontman was part of the band from 2001 until 2012.

Scissor Sisters topped the charts with the likes of Take Your Mama Out and I Don't Feel Like Dancing.

Now Jake says he would love a reunion.

He now hopes the band will reunite too.

Jake told the Metro newspaper's 60 Seconds column: "Oh God, I hope so.

"It would be a blast. Scissors is something so important to me. I think it would be really special, and I would love to."

He is now releasing a new solo album, called 'Last Man Dancing'.

It's due to be released on June 2, and he's heading out on tour May 30 to June 23.

He says working as a solo artist is much "lonelier" than working with the band.

He added: "I miss the group camaraderie. It's harder to carry a show on my own.

"I get the last word on stuff now, and I like that. But it's also a little lonelier when you're not in a group."

He says his latest solo album is "more fizzy and a lot of fun".

He explained: "I look back at the first solo record and it was the most personal thing I ever made, writing myself out of whatever funk I was in.

"This record is definitely more frothy, more fizzy and a lot of fun. It definitely made me happy writing these songs and gave me a kick when I needed it."

He explained: "The song 'I Used To Be In Love' came to me in the produce aisle, when I was shopping for avocados.

"I was in a relationship that was probably toward the tail end of it, and that lyric came into my head. 'Last Man Dancing' has a story going back to me loving the post-parties, loving to be there until the end."