Noel Gallagher insists Wonderwall item up for auction 'aren't the real lyrics'

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23 May 2023, 16:22

Credit: TalkSPORT and Getty

Oasis star Noel Gallagher insists that Wonderwall lyrics up for sale at auction aren't the real ones.

The Gallagher brother told talkSPORT that he threw the real lyrics in the bin.

Noel also named the one thing his brother Liam needs to do to get a reunion underway.

He was asked whether the lyrics were real, after The Sun reported that a handwritten set of lyrics were going up for auction and are expected to fetch up to £2,500.

Noel wasn't having any of it, with the High Flying Birds star replying: "Yeah, well, I can assure you now that those aren't the lyrics. It's my handwriting, but I'll tell you what's happened here then.

"No one had heard the songs when we went to do Morning Glory. It's one of the great regrets of my life, we didn't know what Oasis was about to become.

"I threw all those lyrics in the bin. I just didn't think anything of them when they were all finished. They are ones that were written out for some tour afterwards or something like that. They're not the original lyrics because they've gone in the bin."

Asked how he'd feel if they sold for £2,500 he added that if they were the original set he'd "be pretty upset if they only sold for a couple of grand."

"I think that when you see them, I think they're photocopies. There's a lot of stuff that you see knocking around on the internet. It's terrible when you meet people and they say, 'oh, I bought this on the thing' and you can only say I'm sorry but that's not the real one.'

He also set the record straight about who Wonderwall was written about.

"When I wrote it, we did the cover and there's a girl on the front who used to work in the Creation offices. She had long blonde hair, she looked like my then wife, Meg Matthews. Doing the interviews for the thing, and they say 'is this about your wife? ' and what do you say? No? So you say yes but it's not about anyone in particular.'

'It's generic, which is why it's so popular, I guess. Most of my great songs are about the universal truths of life? They're not really that autobiographical."

There's your answer!