Bryan Adams reacts as fan crashes stage and grabs microphone

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19 Jul 2023, 09:16

Bryan Adams performs and a fan crashes the stage to grab the mic.

Credit: TikTok @.aliciajo / Getty

Rock legend Bryan Adams had an unexpected visitor to the stage when he was playing one of his most iconic songs.

As the Canadian musician belted out his hit, Summer Of 69, to an enraptured crowd in Salt Lake City, Utah, one fan got a little bit carried away and decided that he simply had to get more involved.

At the start of the song, just after the first line, a fan rushed onto the stage, grabbed the microphone and gave the audience his own rendition of the song, managing to deliver the second line, “Bought it at the five and dime”. He even started the third line before a bunch of security guards grabbed him and moved him away from the mic. 

All the while, a very cool Adams just stepped back, allowed the madness to unfold in front of him and then, once the unwanted guest had been moved away, simply carried on with the song without missing a beat, inviting the crowd to sing along before the band kicked in. What a pro! 

Posting a video of the incident on his Instagram grid, the hitmaker wrote: “Sometimes you just gotta laugh… 😂 #stagecrasher #summerof69”.

Commenters praised the singer's calm reaction, with one writing: “I was there! What a crazy moment! Ya gotta admire Bryan’s professionalism. He just stepped back, let the crazy be crazy, let the professionals do their job, and continued like NOTHING had happened”

Meanwhile, several fans didn’t think the stage invader was too bad, with one writing: “Actually he has a great voice, he did it great for 5 sec.👌👏”

Someone else added: “Sometimes you can’t fight the feeling.”

Another person added: "He actually wasn't that bad, kudos to Bryan for handling it so well… should have sang the rest of the song together lol"

Elsewhere in the comments, supermodel Linda Evangelista joked: “You laughed at me same way when I tried unsuccessfully to get near your stage.”