Green Day tease new project The American Dream Is Killing Me

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2 Oct 2023, 14:21

Credit: Getty / X @GreenDay

One of their songs famously says “wake me up when September ends,” and now, as September turns into October, Green Day have indeed told their fans to awaken, as they have teased something new. 

The US punk rockers have posted a video on social media which appears to suggest that new music is on the way.

The clip leans heavily on their 2005 hit, Wake Me Up When September Ends, as it was posted on October 1st and shows frontman Billie Joe Armstrong asleep in bed, and woken up by music coming from the alarm clock. He hits snooze before being woken by a rooster crowing. 

The musician then looks at the calendar, where 24th October is circled in red pen. The fact that the time on the alarm clock also reads 10.24 suggests that something is happening on that date.

The video is captioned: “It’s October 1st, WAKE UP ⏰ now go hit snooze on”.

When fans visit the website, they are invited to click the Snooze button, which takes them to a page where they can fill in their details in order to “Register for a wake up call” and “Set the alarm”.

As yet, there are no real clues as to exactly what The American Dream Is Killing Me is.

While we will just have to wait to see what treats await us, last week, the band released a very special reissue of Dookie, their third studio album and major label debut, ahead of its 30th anniversary.

The deluxe release comes in a limited-edition six LP vinyl box set, as well as a four-CD box set, and is also available digitally.

The box set also includes a roll of Dookie dog poop bags, a set of five buttons, an air freshener, postcard, bumper sticker, magnet sheet, paper airplane, a black-and-white Colouring Page cover litho insert, and a poster of the alternate cover art.