Usher promises star-studded super bowl halftime show extravaganza

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18 Jan 2024, 14:02

Credit: Getty

A night of R&B royalty and entertainment spectacle awaits fans.

Usher, the R&B maestro, is gearing up to steal the spotlight at Super Bowl LVIII, scheduled to unfold at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on February 11. In an exclusive cover interview with Vogue, Usher spilled the beans on what spectators can anticipate during his highly anticipated Halftime Show.

In a tantalising teaser, the publication hinted at a performance extravaganza featuring mesmerizing skating, killer choreography, and a major costume change. Usher is crafting an experience that transcends mere entertainment, intending to take the audience on a journey through the essence of R&B.

Adding to the excitement, Usher coyly revealed plans to grace the stage with some "important guests." The artist has meticulously curated a lineup that pays homage to the architects of R&B, emphasising not just the music but the performance, connection, and spirit that define the genre.

This revelation ignites curiosity about who will join Usher on the grand stage for what promises to be an unforgettable performance.

Usher draws inspiration from iconic Vegas showmen, including the likes of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, infusing elements of timeless performance into his upcoming show.

The influence of R&B legends such as Michael Jackson and Prince adds another layer of anticipation for fans eagerly awaiting this musical spectacle.

Expressing his vision for the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Usher aspires to make every viewer feel personally serenaded.

“I’m literally speaking to every woman,” he explained. “I want to make it feel like that.”

His goal is to go beyond a mere halftime performance, offering a healing experience. Usher envisions a moment of joy and hope, creating a connection that transcends the present, encouraging viewers to look forward to a brighter future.

He told Vogue: “People will tune in for a football game, but I hope when they look at that halftime performance, I’m hoping they walk away with something that’s healing them.

“Something that makes them feel hopeful, and not just look at the past, but have hope for the future, and have hope for a different type of future than we’re looking at right now in the present.”

Usher recently teased fans with a video declaring his Super Bowl Halftime Show as '30 years in the making.'

This revelation adds a layer of nostalgia and significance to the upcoming performance, resonating with the artist's long and illustrious career. His three-decade preparation underscores the magnitude and significance of this legendary gig.

Coinciding with his Super Bowl spectacle, Usher is set to release a new album titled Coming Home during the same week. This marks a significant milestone in the artist's career, representing his first solo full-length project since 2016's Hard II Love.

The convergence of a groundbreaking Halftime Show and a new album release elevates the excitement surrounding Usher's return to the musical forefront.

As the countdown to Super Bowl LVIII begins, fans can anticipate an R&B extravaganza, replete with surprise guests, nostalgic nods, and Usher's signature style that promises to captivate and resonate with audiences worldwide.