Ricky Wilson teases new Kaiser Chiefs merch, tour details and more

Virgin Radio

7 Feb 2024, 10:01

Ricky Wilson on stage with Kaiser Chiefs

Credit: Barley Communication/Getty

Ricky Wilson shared an exclusive Kaiser Chiefs tour-related scoop while speaking with listeners on his Virgin Radio drivetime show on Tuesday (6th February).

Sharing that the band’s preparations for their new album release and this year’s tour are well under way, the frontman also revealed that they’re well on the way to producing some brand new merch.

“I'm in a band,” Ricky - who recently wowed audiences with his surprise guest performance on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show - modestly introduced, before continuing: “And we are prepping for an album to come out on March 1st.”

“The band are all squirrelling away in a studio somewhere in the north of England, rehearsing all the new songs, and also some of the old ones that we’re not as good at,” he said. “Just got a text from Andrew White, our left-hand guitarist: ‘We’re sounding ace in rehearsal, miss you, fist-bump emoji.’”

“I’m very pleased about that,” Ricky reacted, before adding light-heartedly: “And if Whitey thinks we sound ace, we must do, because he’s not known for his positivity!”

The ‘Ruby’ singer then explained that ‘Whitey’ is the band member in charge of organising their merchandise. “We all have a job within the band, I’m recon - I go out there and do all the interviews, Simon - setlists, and Whitey - merch,” he said.

“He’s just sent me through a load of t-shirt ideas and they’re all fantastic - also skateboards,” Ricky revealed. “We’re selling skateboards on tour!”

Speaking last week on his drivetime show, Ricky shared more details about Simon (the bass player)’s struggles putting together this year’s tour setlist. “Setlist Si, we call him. And he’s just texted me through a proposed setlist to peruse. 

“It’s terrifying. It’s too long! It’s like, over 20 songs! Six of them are new! It looks like an exam,” he joked.

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