Nickelback open up about support from Niall Horan and having a ‘thick skin’ about online trolling

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19 Mar 2024, 16:07

Niall Horan, Ryan Peake, Ryan Tubridy

Credit: Virgin Radio / Getty

Mike Kroeger and Ryan Peake of Nickelback have revealed the startling moment they received some public praise from former One Direction star Niall Horan. 

The bassist and guitarist are half of the Canadian rock band alongside frontman Chad Kroeger and drummer Daniel Adair. 

Nickelback have been on the charts since 2002’s breakout hit How You Remind Me and will go behind-the-scenes of their success - and internet notoriety - in their upcoming documentary, Hate to Love. 

The feature-length doc, out in cinemas from 27th March, explores the famous rock group’s story from their rural roots to their divisive fame and encounters with online trolling. 

While stopping by Virgin Radio to chat to our mid-mornings host Ryan Tubridy, Mike and Ryan revealed how a “war of attrition” contributed to Nickelback becoming one of the most controversial bands in music history, but One Direction singer-turned-solo artist Niall was kind enough to stand out from the crowd. 

Recalling the star-studded story to Ryan, Peake revealed: “It was a short clip, like 10 to 15 seconds and he said something about Nickelback, and everyone at the meet and greet laughed. [Niall’s] like, ‘What’s so funny? I like Nickelback.’ Then the presenter goes, ‘Oh yeah I like Nickelback.’ It’s just group shame.”

The hatred and criticism the band has often experienced didn’t always “make sense” to them, and it’s something they’ve had to grow a “thick skin” to get through. 

“If you don't like the band, it's totally fine. Like there's music I don't listen to you,” Peake continued. “That’s all fair. It’s just when things don't make sense.”

Mike added: “That was the disconnect. When we would see the jokes, memes, and don't get me wrong, like I like a good, funny meme online. But things start to kind of get out of hand and being a bit of a punching bag in the sense, you grow a thick skin.”

As well as telling the band’s story, Hate to Love: Nickelback’s theatrical premiere will also feature three never-before-seen recorded performances of some of Nickelback’s most loved songs.

The film features numerous exclusive interviews and insights into the Canadian band’s unique story, is directed by Leigh Brooks, and is produced by Virgin Radio’s very own Ben Jones!

Hate to Love: Nickelback is in select cinemas across the UK and worldwide on 27th and 30th March 2024.

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