Teddy Swims reveals why he’s ‘grateful’ he didn't become famous until his 30s

Virgin Radio

14 May 2024, 13:05

Teddy Swims, Ricky Wilson at Virgin Radio Studios

Credit: Rex / Virgin Radio

Singer-songwriter Teddy Swims has confessed he’s glad he didn’t make it big in the early days of his career. 

The 31-year-old released his chart-topping single Lose Control in June 2023, and it’s currently sitting pretty in the UK top 10 singles chart. It previously peaked at number two, but landed right at the top spot in Swims’ native US. 

The powerful soul track has propelled Teddy into the pop stratosphere, and he’s currently touring the UK, performing in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, Nottingham and Bristol. 

Before making his way onto the stage at sold-out London’s Shepherds Bush Empire yesterday (13th May), Teddy had a quick chat with Virgin Radio Drivetime host Ricky Wilson to reveal all about his overnight success, and the reason why he’s thankful he didn’t hit the big time while still in his 20s. 

When Ricky mentioned he “wasn’t ready” for stardom when first starting out in Kaiser Chiefs and was actually relieved he didn’t make it big when they first started, Teddy agreed, adding: “I'm really, really grateful that it happened the time it did. I think if I would have gotten it any earlier, I don't think I would have been ready for it.  In my younger life, I was super impatient and wanted everything right now.”

On why being as famous as he is today at a younger age would’ve ended badly, Teddy explained further: “I'm more responsible with this kind of level of notoriety, because I would have probably just absolutely drank it, sent it right to my liver and partied way too much, if I was younger, instead of really being responsible.

“I actually have something to say now that's worth saying, I think, and that’s a big part.”

Teddy has been candid with his fans about his own thoughts and feelings in and outside of his music, and it’s something he’s been keen to share for others going through the same ordeals. 

“It's truly a strength,” he shared. “I think people can relate and it also creates a safe place for other people to connect about their feelings and not hold things in.

“I feel like there's a bit of a safe place made for me and I also [want to] help make it a safe place for other people. It's a beautiful job.”

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