Meat Loaf is launching a new relationship reality series called ‘I’d Do Anything For Love…’

Virgin Radio

24 Mar 2021, 15:20

Move over Love Island, Meat Loaf is creating the must-watch new show.

The rock'n'roll legend is creating a new reality competition series called .

What a title. It's based on his 1993 hit single of the same name. In the song, he lists the many things he would do, along with the one thing he won't.

Contestants will be put to the test, to see just how far they'll go for love. 

Meat Loaf is set to be an executive producer on the project.

He previously appeared as a contestant on the US version of in 2011.

According to ‘s report, will see participating couples “compete in a variety of comedic physical games designed to reveal how well they can work together and how much they really trust and believe in each other – all to a soundtrack of classic hits, performed live in the studio by the original artists as well as new stars.”

Reality antics and amazing songs? What's not to love. 

It's also said the show will include “absurd and sometimes frightening physical contests, inspired and accompanied by ballads”.

“For the most part, we want to create shows that are funny, clever and buzzworthy, but two out of three ain’t bad.”

Meat Loaf added: “You took the words right out of my mouth.” (Geddit?)