The Simpsons have released a Morrissey parody song

Virgin Radio

12 May 2021, 12:24

It’s the feud that none of us expected in 2021. The Simpsons recently upset Morrissey with their parody of him in their Panic on the Streets of Springfield episode, causing a furious reaction from the singer. Now The Simpsons have released a song called Everyone Is Horrid Except Me (And Possibly You). 

The song, which featured in the episode of the long-running show, was co-written by Flight of the Conchords legend Bret McKenzie and sung by Benedict Cumberbatch and Lisa Simpson’s voice actor, Yeardley Smith.

Cumberbatch portrays a British indie singer called Quilloughby in the show. Quilloughby was the frontman of a 1980's band called The Snuffs, and becomes Lisa’s imaginary friend throughout the episode. When the real Quilloughby appears for a Snuffs reunion show, he is an out-of-shape meat-eater who expresses some xenophobic views. 

It’s fair to say that Morrissey failed to see the funny side of the show’s parody. In a statement on his website, he said, "This is my first comment (and hopefully my last) on The Simpsons’ episode – which I know has enraged many people. The hatred shown towards me from the creators of The Simpsons is obviously a taunting lawsuit, but one that requires more funding than I could possibly muster in order to make a challenge." 

"Since my very first interview several decades ago I have lived with horrible accusations to such a degree that it is generally understood that 'this is how we write about Morrissey'. In other words, I'm quite used to it. I've had enough horror thrown at me that would kill off a herd of bison."

Morrissey's manager, Peter Katsis, also posted a statement on his behalf, calling the show, "hurtful and racist."

The release of Everyone Is Horrid Except Me (And Possibly You) won’t do much to help end the feud, but there’s no denying it’s a pretty catchy tune!