Noel Gallagher and Paul McCartney duetted at Stella McCartney's 50th birthday party

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22 Sep 2021, 11:03

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

For most of us, seeing someone’s dad and his mate sing at a birthday party would be little more than an entertaining, and possibly amusing, distraction. However, attendees of Stella McCartney’s birthday bash last week experienced something incredible, because the two people in question were the fashion designer’s father, Sir Paul McCartney, and Noel Gallagher! 

The Beatles legend and the Oasis icon joined forces at Stella’s 50th birthday bash at Cliveden House Hotel in Buckinghamshire, where they played a couple of Fab Four numbers. 

Noel said: “I ended up on stage with the great Paul McCartney playing the song Birthday and then segued into I Saw Her Standing There.”

Explaining how the duet came about, the Oasis musician said: “I performed, I did some of my stuff, and then someone said, ‘We’ll get you up on stage with my dad.’ And I said, ‘F***ing yes!’

“It was quite the night and, as you can imagine, for a chap like me it was quite the moment.”

The star-studded party was also attended by Ringo Starr. Noel told Matt Morgan’s Funny How? Podcast (via The Sun): “I performed with the bass player while the drummer watched! The only one thing that could have made it better would be that the other remaining Beatle was playing drums, but he wasn’t.”

He added: “It wasn’t my party. I was only a guest so I can’t say, ‘I’ll only do it if Ringo does it. I’m either playing with both of you, or I’m playing with none of you.’ It was a good night, though.”

Meanwhile, Noel has said he would like to record an album of reworked Oasis songs.

According to The Daily Star’s Wired column, he said: “A bunch of Oasis reworks might be nice to do.”

With the Oasis Knebworth 1996 documentary set for release, previously unseen footage of Oasis performing Champagne Supernova with Stone Roses‘ guitarist John Squire has been released.

The feature-length documentary will land in cinemas Thursday September 23rd.