AC/DC's Angus Young says Chuck Berry is his rock god

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20 Dec 2021, 10:15

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Many people see Angus Young as a rock god, but he's revealed who inspires him.

It might not be the most obvious choice, but he praised the skills of Chuck Berry.

The music legend told Johnnie Walker in an interview that Chuck Berry is his icon.

He said: "Chuck Berry was probably one of the great guitar people for rock and roll. He combined a lot of elements; he combined blues, a bit of jazz and his own unique style.

"He melded all these kind of different genres of music, but he seemed to bring it together and bring it out in that rock and roll style," raved Young.

He added: "So plain and simple, but it was so effective. I saw him live once when I was younger. I just loved his stage presence and how he performed. He was one of those people, when he got on a stage, he owned it."

High praise indeed from someone so many people admire.

AC/DC are back and going full throttle.

They released a new video for their single, 'Through The Mists Of Time', which appeared in their most recent album, 'Power Up'.

The new video concept was created by Young, and used footage of the band in five different locations around the world.

Watch it below.