This is what Wham! would sound like if they released All I Want For Christmas Is You

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20 Dec 2021, 14:56

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

Two of the biggest Christmas songs have collided thanks to the brilliant band Deco.

If you’ve ever wondered what the late great George Michael would sound like singing Mariah’s seminal festive tune All I Want For Christmas Is You, wonder no more. 

Deco frontman Max Kendall took the unmistakable tune of Wham!'s iconic hit Last Christmas and, as if by magic, changed up the lyrics to include what Mariah wished for most. 

The lyrics and tune blend so seamlessly, it almost feels like this could’ve been the original track all along. 

Fans of the pop band are loving it too, with one writing: “This is, quite literally, all I've ever wanted in my entire life, and I didn't even realise."

Another tweeted: “As a dedicated Wham! Fan from back in the day & as such very protective of last Christmas etc. Face with tears of joy I can honestly say this is fantastic! Bring this out as a single next Christmas!!!"

A third said: “This is the musical equivalent of pouring a bit of Baileys inside a mince pie.”

Deco have already dominated the internet with some amazing mash-ups this year, including their viral take of Oasis and Bronski, and of course their Nickelback sea shanty too. 

On their internet-breaking 80s mash-up, Max previously told Staffordshire Live:  “We were all bored one Sunday and had been planning to do some Tik Tok covers, having already done an 80s Sea Shanty the week before. We chose Wonderwall and Smalltown Boy, and within a few hours it was going crazy on Twitter.

“We had all filmed our own parts and edited them together, and it was getting lots of organic traction, and our followers have skyrocketed!”

Which songs should they mash-up next?