Fans adore a viral photo of Alice Cooper serving food to children

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21 Dec 2021, 10:01

Pic: Getty

People are loving seeing a softer side to the shock-rocker.

Alice Cooper is renowned for his copious amounts of eyeliner, and performing songs like 'Poison' and 'School's Out'.

However, a picture of the rockstar serving food to kids has captured people's hearts and has gone viral.

Fans have been praising the star for his gesture in the photo.

"Alice Cooper serving food at a shelter," wrote one Twitter user.

Someone else added: "Once held up as a threat to polite society, [Cooper] turns out to be a decent, outstanding citizen".

"A reminder that one should never judge a book by its cover! Alice Cooper is a humanitarian," praised another.

He used to hold an annual holiday party for children at his former restaurant in Phoenix.

To this day he still hosts the annual Christmas Pudding Fundraiser for disadvantaged youngsters too.

Cooper released an album earlier this year, called 'Detroit Stories'.