Foo Fighters unveil a new track for the ‘Fraggle Rock’ reboot series

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21 Jan 2022, 12:20

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

Dance your cares away to the band’s new song ‘Fraggle Rock Rock’.

The Foo Fighters have released a new song for the Fraggle Rock revival, premiering on Apple TV+ today (21 January).

They will be making a guest appearance on the show’s first episode and, in celebration, released ‘Fraggle Rock Rock’ for the official soundtrack.

The song was written by Dennis Lee and Phillip Balsam, who worked on the music for the original series, and it’s available to stream in full now.

Many children of the 80s will be more than familiar with Fraggle Rock, but for those of you who aren’t, the colourful puppet show created by Jim Henson first aired for five seasons between 1983 and 1987.

A spin-off of the show, Fraggle Rock: The Animated Series, aired for a run of episodes in the late 80s but more recently, a pandemic induced Zoom-special of the show, Fraggle Rock: Rock On, aired in 2020.

Due to the success of the one-off, Apple TV has decided to reboot the series calling it ‘Back To The Rock’.

Among the cast for the revival are Cynthia Erivo, The Office’s Ed Helms, and Saturday Night Live’s Kenan Thompson.

This project for The Foo’s comes after news they will be embarking on a stadium tour around the UK this summer.

The band is also set to release a new comedy-horror movie, Studio 666, which will be hitting cinemas in the US from 25 February.

Last month we were given a sneak peek of a clip from the movie, and in a recent interview with Classic Rock, frontman Dave Grohl described the film as “absolutely insane”.

He said: “A couple of scenes, they’re so f***ing epic, dude.

“Just when you think we couldn’t come up with anything more ridiculous…It really, really will blow your mind.”

Studio 666 will follow the Foo Fighters after they move into a creepy-looking mansion in Encino, California to record a new album.

Once they get settled, however, frontman Grohl finds himself battling with supernatural forces that are threatening the completion of their album and the lives of the band.

Fraggle Rock is available to watch on Apple TV+, and you can stream The Foo’s Fraggle Rock Rock in full now.